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Wall boilers

Daikin gas condensing boilers are the best choice for anyone looking to replace an existing boiler with a more energy efficient and economical alternative. Daikin’s range of wall-mounted boilers offers the best possible comfort, energy efficiency and reliability.

Reliable performance

  • A wide range of configuration adjusts the power of the burner to achieve high levels of efficiency
  • Connection to Daikin Online Controller
  • Daikin’s intelligent “eye” monitors the performance of the combined boiler

Energy efficiency

  • Use connection with solar panels to increase the use of renewable energy (available for combined boiler and heating only boiler)
  • Combustion system with automatic adaptation to gas type (Lambda Gx) reduces energy costs by efficiently regulating the gas-air mixture

Easy installation and service

  • All components are accessible from the front
  • Compact dimensions and IPX5D protection allow the gas condensing boiler to be installed in various spaces, e.g. kitchen, bathroom, cupboards, etc.

Unique design

  • Charming appearance
  • Combining advanced technology with user-friendly design