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A/C installation

A/C installation

Reliable installation of air conditioners

Air conditioners are today equipment, without which many owners of apartments and households, workers and visitors to shops, offices or other private or public institutions simply cannot imagine their own life. Especially in the summer months they are essential

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Remarkably, even 15-20 years ago, the availability of such devices to maintain optimal climatic conditions in the premises could be called a luxury. But today the situation has changed radically.
The range of products has increased, prices have become affordable (and for the product itself, as well as for its installation). Option to pay in installments, offers and bonuses. As a result almost everyone can buy an air conditioner.

When you have decided on the model of the air conditioner and determined the period of time you want it to be installed, you can safely place the order. On the day of installation of the air conditioner, the assembly team comes to your place with certified tools and consumables. He checks the space and proceeds with the implementation of the project. When the installation is complete and its correct operation is checked. Then the customer is trained and informed.

Application of the outdoor unit

Installation of the base unit